Breakout Information

“After Introductions, SMEM Campers nominated sessions for discussion which were grouped into topic areas”

* “Policy” – Kim Stephens – Explore policy gaps, privacy, data ownership and needed legal frameworks.
* “Getting Started/101″ – Jim Garrow and James Hamilton – “Getting started” strategies; 101 introductions, Twitter, Facebook, & showcasing new tools as best practices.
* “Community Building” Sara Estes Cohen – How to increase adoption of social media in emergency management, use of technology volunteers, and how to increase meaningful engagement.
* “Situational Awareness” Pascal Schuback – community information monitoring, visualization, mapping and data validation.
* In Addition – Chris Thompson of Humanity Road and Jeff Phillips; Open topic sessions; Cybersecurity, SM & Health, “Running your shop,” “PIO vs. OPS” and use of metrics in SM planning.

“Each breakout session moderated by SMEM Initiative volunteers, documented by all-volunteer research team, who will create a white paper to present findings and recommendations. Groups SMEM Camp participants most interested in were the “Getting Started” and “Situational Awareness” sessions.”



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