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#SMEM11 #NEMA Deputy Administrator Richard Serino Slide 8 – Do You Know 4.0 Slide 27 – Where do young people get their political news and information Slide 39 – New Madrid 


CEPIN Neil McDevitt Program Director @cepin @NeilMcD

Link to presentation in Google Docs CEPIN From my (@NeilMcD) talk yday – some captioning tools Youtube’s resources Thanks to Catharine McNally @cmcnally the interpreter for posting this presentation accessibility in social media on Twitter / @CEPIN @NeilMcD Presentation at #SMEM11

Decisions for Heroes Robin Blandford Director @d4h @robinb

Speaking at the National Emergency Management Conference This morning, (24 March, 2011), Managing Director Robin Blandford presented Decisions For Heroes (D4H) at the first ‘Social Media in Emergency Management Camp’ at the  National Emergency Management Association (NEMA) conference in Virginia, United States)


@northlandfox @d4h @robinb @emcampnm @CEPIN @NeilMcD Current Practices Sharing Beyond SMEM Camp (Slideshare) Current Practices Handout of Slides and Notes NEMA11Text of Sources for Did You Know 4 Do you Know 4.0 video on Social Media (Slide #8 ) NEMA11The Behaviorist Jim Chipchase No Phones http The Economist – The Ideas Economy (Slide #15 transcript)

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